For Students

Whether you are a transfer student or a first-time freshman, HARN has pooled information to ease you into the college process.  Please find admission requirements for all HARN institutions below.

There are many ways to apply to colleges and universities.  Most institutions in the state of Texas will accept the Apply Texas application.  Make sure that you review the requirements for each school when using the application.  Essays, recommendation, or resumes may be required.  Another typical application is the Common Application, which is accepted by over 500 universities across the country.  Again, each school may have different requirements, so pay attention to deadlines and details!

Many schools will also require standardized testing as part of the admission process.  You may sign up for the SAT or the ACT online.  Plan on taking one of these exams in your junior year of high school and, perhaps, again in the summer or early fall of your senior year.  Universities may “super-score” your tests, meaning that they will look at sub-scores from different test dates to give an higher composite score.

We also understand that for many families, financial assistance is a large factor in the decision making process.  Understanding Financial Aid is a vital piece of the college search.  Financial aid is an umbrella term that includes merit based aid (scholarships earned by the student either performance based or talent based) and need based aid (grants, loans, and work-study awarded using a family’s ability to pay).  Each institution will require additional information to determine financial aid awards.  If you are unsure which forms to use, you may find College for All Texans as a helpful resource.  Please use the resources listed below as additional guidelines and tools to help you with the process:

  • TASFA (best serves undocumented students who are Texas residents)
  • CSS Profile (not required by all institutions)