Types of Membership:

The members of this organization are paid admission representatives who work for a non-profit, regionally accredited, two or four year college/university. Additionally, the member either offices in the Houston area and holds Houston as a recruitment territory; or, if they live outside of Houston, but serve as a regional representative and Houston is a primary recruitment territory, they can be eligible for membership.   The Houston area is defined as the following counties: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, Walker, and Waller.

However, to hold a HARN coordinator or leadership committee position, individuals must maintain an office in the Houston area (as either a regional representative or with a Houston based institution).  If coordinator positions are unfilled by Houston area representatives, these positions will be open to non-Houston members for one year.

Guest/Out of Town–A representative who does not fit the criteria above is welcome to be a non-voting guest member.  This individual will still be included in high school visits and programs that offer unlimited participation.

Committee Opportunities:

All members are encouraged to participate in a subcommittee of HARN.  These committees include (but are not limited to) Counselor Update/Training, Professional Development, Summer Search and Planning Committees.  Interested parties should contact the committee leaders.

Three Strike Rule:
Representatives who have signed up to attend a visit are expected to notify the coordinator and the high school counselor if they need to cancel their visit.  If a representative fails to do so, he/she is considered a ‘no-show’ for the program and earns one strike for their school.  Additionally, if an individual is more than 20 minutes late to a fair, it counts as half of a strike for their institution.  If a school receives three strikes in a semester (from either no-shows and/or late arrivals), then that institution will not be able to participate in HARN the following semester. Only programs that require direct response to and are coordinated by a HARN representative are considered HARN events.
HARN Meetings and Minutes:

Two annual meetings will be held in each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Other meetings will be held as scheduled by the Professional Development and Outreach Chair or Leadership Committee.  Agenda items must be sent in advance.  Minutes from previous meetings will be sent via email to all members.  The most recent minutes may be seen here: